Friday, January 30, 2009

Some cool news...

I've been chomping at the bit to announce this one for a while... These are the most collaborative songs we've ever written, each containing a lot of things that we'd been trying to attain for some time now. The packaging is also going to be really amazing... Inspired by Pushead's Bacteria Sour 7"s, I enlisted our pal John Baizley to do the spider & web artwork, and it will feature a 2-color spot printed vellum sleeve over a full color seven inch jacket limited to 1000 copies with this packaging. Very excited about this entire thing... From the music to the design, I think it's a big new step for us.


COLISEUM “True Quiet / Last Wave” 7"EP out soon, winter/spring tour dates announced...

Founded by Ryan Patterson (Black Cross, National Acrobat) over a half decade ago, and since solidified by Mike Pascal and Chris Maggio, Coliseum have grown to become today's quintessential contemporary hardcore/punk band. Successfully melding their progressive musicianship, punk fervor, and vital political/social awareness into one intense vision.

Originally based in straight-ahead hardcore and classic punk, Coliseum have continued to progress with each recorded effort. Before finding a permanent home on Relapse records in 2006, Coliseum released music on both Ryan's own Auxiliary label, as well as on Level Plane Records. Coliseum's first full length for Relapse, "No Salvation", was released in the summer of 2007 and was met by praise from critics and kids alike.

To celebrate the longtime friendship between Coliseum and Deathwish, we are proud to announce the upcoming release of Coliseum's "True Quiet / Last Wave" 7"EP. Featuring artwork by friend John Dyer Baizley (Baroness, Kylesa, Cursed), "True Quiet / Last Wave" gives us the first taste of Coliseum's evolution since 2007's "No Salvation". The hook-laden A Side "True Quiet" takes hold with its all too familiar story of self imposed isolation, told to a Dischord influenced metallic jangle. While the percussively driven B Side "Last Wave" serves as a hair raising commentary on the ethical and economical darkness of our present day. Both songs collectively embodying the honest artistry that defines Coliseum at their very core.

A new Coliseum album is due out on Relapse in 2010.

03/20: Chicago, IL @ Subterranean w/ Get Rad
03/21: Toronto, ON @ Adrift Clubhouse
03/22: Montreal, QC @ Underworld w/ Bane, Have Heart
03/23: Allston, MA @ ICC w/ Converge, Rise and Fall, Pulling Teeth, Ceremony
03/24: Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place w/ Converge, Rise and Fall, Pulling Teeth, Ceremony
03/25: Cleveland, OH @ The Grog Shop w/ Converge, Rise and Fall, Pulling Teeth, Ceremony
03/26: Lemoyne, PA @ Championship w/ Converge, Rise and Fall, Pulling Teeth, Ceremony
03/27: Brooklyn, NY @ Europa w/ Converge, Rise and Fall, Pulling Teeth, Ceremony
03/28: Richmond, VA @ Alley Katz w/ United Blood Festival
03/29: Philadelphia, PA @ The Church w/ Converge, Rise and Fall, Pulling Teeth, Ceremony, Genghis Tron
03/30: Wilmington, NC @ Lucky's w/ Young Livers
03/31: Columbia, SC @ TBA w/ Young Livers
04/01: Orlando, FL @ Black Box Collective w/ Young Livers
04/02: Miami, FL @ Churchills w/ Young Livers
04/03: Lake Worth, FL @ Klein Dance Studio w/ Young Livers
04/04: Tampa, FL @ Transitions w/ Young Livers
04/05: Gainesville, FL @ Atlantic w/ Young Livers
04/06: Savannah, GA @ TBA w/ Young Livers
04/07: Birmingham, AL @ Cave 9 w/ Young Livers
04/08: Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn w/ Young Livers
04/09: Memphis, TN @ Hi Tone w/ Young Livers
04/10: Louisville, KY @ Skull Alley w/ Young Livers

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

AUX4 - LORDS Moral Darkness 7"
(Plus untold tales of AUX5 & AUX6)

AUX4: Lords - Moral Darkness 5-song 7"
Released January 2005

Side A: Let it Divide / Holy Ghost of the Infidels / Nothing Follows / Surprise You're Dead
Side B: Messianic Exegesis: U.S.A.

700 copies total
300 on white vinyl
400 on clear vinyl

Lords ended up occupying the fourth, fifth and sixth numbers in the Auxiliary catalog, partly because of various circumstances, partly because of a bit of naive thinking that certain releases would come out sooner or later... Yet still haven't seen the light of day. Regardless, it leaves stories to tell.

The Moral Darkness 7" actually did come out, in early 2005. At this time, Craig was will my partner in the label and he financed the pressing of the record, while Chris from Lords handled the recording at his studio, Stan from Lords designed the artwork, and Evan printed the covers at Monkey Drive. As usual at the time, this was assembled by hand by whoever was around that time. I distinctly remember my girlfriend Jamie bringing us a box of records to put together in Atlanta during a day off on a Coliseum / Lords tour due to a crazy ice storm hitting much of the South that week. We all sat in a friend's apartment folding covers and inserting records into sleeves. 

As can be the case with music, your memories get tied up with the songs and a certain era of a band becomes your favorite, regardless of how great they may have been before or after. This record and their previous House That Lords Built EP just may contain my favorite Lords songs for that reason. 

After this 7", Auxiliary planned on releasing Lords' debut full length, Swords. Originally Swords was planned for release on Initial Records, but Initial was in the process of closing its doors permanently and we decided that we'd press on and release it as our first full length on Auxiliary. But, these plans also changed when Craig left Louisville for a job in New York and eventually decided to no longer be a part of the label. With the label partner and chief financier gone, it was decided that even though I could've managed to get the CD pressed, there still wouldn't be enough funds to properly promote it.

Finally, after much deliberating and phone calls to other labels, Evan spoke to Jade Tree, Breather Resist's then-label, and they welcomed Lords to their roster and eventually released the Swords CD. I "retired" the AUX5 catalog number and we moved onto AUX6... Another planned Lords release.

AUX6 was intended to be a CD repress of The House That Lords Built EP with bonus tracks, assumedly the Moral Darkness 7", their songs from the split 7" with Coliseum, and a few other random demos and compilation appearances. The House That Lords Built was one of the last releases on Initial Records and we figured it would be sold out soon enough. But, Initial's distributor Mordam was purchased by Lumberjack Distribution, who took all of their stock and held on to it after Initial closed owing Lumberjack some amount money. Ultimately, the Lords House... CDs were still in print and still available, but the band only had access to them by buying them up front from Lumberjack. 

At this point, I don't know if the CD is out of print or not, but I would guess it's gone by now. In any case, when the original inspiration to release an Auxiliary version of The House That Lords Built struck, it turned out to be a moot point. Time went on, other records and current projects took precedence and the release still remains dormant. I'd still love to release a CD or LP of the first few Lords releases and maybe it will happen one day. We'll see that time has in store for that.

Lords "Let It Divide" from Moral Darkness 7"

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Monday, January 5, 2009


Found this in my mailbox one day.