Monday, May 11, 2009

(In lieu of an Aux update here's a Coliseum update. Much news in the Auxiliary camp will be posted after tour ends on May 22.)

Greetings. It's been a while since any updates... In tour limbo, brain barely works, drive, load in, zone out, play, load out, sleep, drive, repeat, repeat, repeat...

Quick summary of what's below:

COLISEUM skateboards out now

COLISEUM True Quiet / Last Wave 7" finally out

Album Number Three / Plans for the rest 2009

Coliseum skateboards from Hooligan Skates are done and we have them now on tour. It's our first deck and also the first deck featuring artwork from our good pal John Baizley of Baroness. There are only 50 of these made and whatever we don't sell on tour will be available from Shirt Killer after May 22nd.

The True Quiet / Last Wave 7" on Deathwish is finally done after numerous setbacks... First the plates were lost in the mail, then there were 100 test presses made in time for the beginning of our shows with Converge in March - which were mastered too fast and deemed unsuitable for release (collector's alert). Now, finally, the proper version of the 7" is done. The pre-orders should ship from Deathwish in the next couple of weeks and we'll have the non-limited version with us on tour beginning a couple of days from now in Chicago. The limited edition with vellum covers and sealed sleeves is available from Deathwish and will be available from Shirt Killer soon.

We're at the tail end of a nine week tour... The Napalm Death dates are about to wrap up and we'll play a few headlining shows on the way back to Louisville, ending with a homecoming 7" release show on May 22nd at Skull Alley in Louisville.

After this, we'll be doing a very brief tour that will be announced soon then hiding out to work on our next album, which will be recorded later this year and released early 2010. You can catch us at Dude Fest in Indianapolis in July, Best Friends Day in Richmond in August, The Fest in Gainesville in October, Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin in November, and maybe a couple of other shows... But that will be about it. After two years of extremely intense touring, it's time to get back to the drawing board and take a new leap creatively. We're not going to write No Salvation Part II or Goddamage Redux in order to simply start the album/touring process over again. There's a new Coliseum chapter that's begging to be written and we're anxious to see where our inspiration leads us. Darkness lay ahead. We'll see you there. 


Anonymous said...

I not gonna lie, but I'd been waiting for an update.

- Jesse

Joe Pies said...

Damn! I'm excited about future plans. Pre-ordered the new 7" a while back so can't wait to get that on my record player.

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