Tuesday, February 3, 2009

AUX13 YOUNG WIDOWS Settle Down City LP - Limited edition of 50

We recently found 50 copies of the first pressing of the YOUNG WIDOWS Settle Down City LP without covers and have screen printed 50 special edition covers that are available now only from Shirt Killer.
Click here to check it out and order. The original pressing of the LP has been gone for quite a while and we plan on doing a new pressing sometime later this year.

UPDATE: Sold out, thank you for ordering and thanks to OMGvinyl.com for spreading the word. A full repress of this LP is coming soon along with the third pressing of the Coliseum No Salvation LP.

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Anonymous said...

that link takes you to shirt killer but doesn't show the record. is it gonna be posted on a certain because i would like to snag a copy.