Monday, November 3, 2008

AUX3 - BLACK CROSS Sink, Knives & Chrome CD EP

AUX3: Black Cross - Sink, Knives & Chrome 3-song CD
First pressing October 2004 - 100 CD-Rs, with screen printed covers and spray painted CD faces
Second pressing September 13, 2005 - standard manufactured CDs
Still in print and available from Shirt Killer

My memory is a little fuzzy on this one and I'm on tour so I don't have as many photos to post. We recorded the songs in August of 2004 at Chris Owens' studio, our only recordings with Matt Jaha on drums. We were doing the "Tools & Chrome" cover for a Jawbox tribute / benefit comp and decided to record the two other songs we had written at the time as well. I think "Let Me Sink" and "Playing With Knives" are two of the best songs we've done and I really wish we'd had an album written at this time... The addition of Matt on drums made us a bit more energetic and sloppy, and the songs have a Swiz meets Drive Like Jehu vibe that I really dig. Regardless, it's a cool document of the long period of time between Art Offensive and Severance Pays, and a much, much better release than our "Roll Up Your Sleeves" 7" which came out really poorly in terms of recording and energy. 

We did a limited edition run of the CDs in time for a Black Cross voter registration show in Fall 2004, running off CD-Rs at home, printing covers and spray painting disc faces at Monkey Drive on the night before the show. The 100 CD-Rs sold through mostly at that show and the next couple of Black Cross local gigs. Sometime later in the year the Jawbox comp was released but seemed to be fairly hard to find.

A year or so later, Auxiliary signed on with Revelation as our exclusive distributor and we repressed this CD as our first mass-manufactured and distributed release. It's still in print and while in hindsight I probably would've released it as a 7" rather than such a short CD, I'm still very happy with the way it turned out.

The design is fairly simple, the front cover image came from a skiing poster and later popped up as an OBEY sticker, but it was definitely after this release. Yet another reason to search harder for source images and try to not use things just as they originally appear! I like the covered mouth with crooked Black Cross logo across it, and the border outside of the black print, something I've done with a few covers and am particularly fond of for some reason. 

Track listing:
1. Let Me Sink
2. Playing With Knives
3. Tools & Chrome (Jawbox cover, 7" version)

100 CD-Rs
1000+ CDs

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