Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Japan Day 4 & 5

Last two days in Japan were amazing. Chinatown in Yokohama is the oldest in Japan and was really cool, then the last in Shibuya, Tokyo, was nuts. Tokyo is divided up into tons of huge neighborhoods / areas / burroughs... Shibuya being the Times Square x100 of Tokyo. Amazing. Went to Secret Base and Mandarake and spent probably way too much money getting some Pushead figures and other great stuff. The show was the best of tour, Melt Banana played before Coliseum and Torche, seems they are taken for granted in their hometown just like most great bands are, and they were awesome. Coliseum and Torche played great sets and then we all hung out late with Yuko, Agata, Tadashi, Jumbo and other great friends. This has been an amazing trip.

But yeah, vegan food here is practically non-existent. On day one I thought eating rice balls each day would be fine, but after five-six days of that... Whew... Looking forward to some green vegetables at home!

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