Sunday, November 9, 2008

Japan Day 3

More amazing times in Japan. The shows are small but the clubs and sound systems are amazing, the audiences are incredibly appreciative and psyched on Coliseum and Torche. The bottom photo didn't do the situation justice, but it was an old fella who actually walked his cats... It was amazing. He walked down the sidewalk with his two cats strolling along by his side. 


Anonymous said...

yo ryan, buy me one of those Stupid Babies CDs and I'll pay you back when you get back in the states. Hit me up with a mailing address so I can send you some money and I Need Closure CDs. We finally got them!

thanks in advance.

-Chase Valentine

J. Barker said...

Shit is absurd. Are those tiny octopi on a stick? Gross.
How are you eating over there, dude?